Shinny Club
Ice hockey in amsterdam

The Shinny Club is an ice hockey club for senior recreational ice hockey players. Shinny teams are playing at Jaap Eden Ice Rink in Amsterdam.

The Shinny Club competes in multiple divisions within the the Dutch Ice Hockey League.

The Shinny Club was founded in 1997 when Holland had severe wether conditions and all canals were frozen. A bunch of passioned ice hockey friends rediscovered the joy of the sport and started the first team.

If you want to know more about the Shinny Club or want to know if there is still room for new players sent us a mail via, see page Teams.

The Shinny Club
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Dutch Ice Hockey for Senior Recreational Hockey Players
Contact info
Contact the Shinny Club via email: info@shinnyclub.nlmailto:info@shinnyclub.nlshapeimage_6_link_0